Speech therapy and training in Yorkshire and the UK

Having a speech impediment can seriously affect your confidence.

Here at One Stage Ahead our speech training courses are designed to help you overcome your impediment and fulfil your potential.

Our speech training programmes are usually weekly and cover a range of activities designed to help improve your clarity and confidence. Our programmes are also of great benefit to people who speak English as a second language or struggle to make themselves heard.

Our speech therapy is available to any individual, child or adult on a one-to-one or small group basis.

Our speech therapy courses can involve:

  • Verse speaking
  • Prose reading
  • Mime and acting
  • Improvisation and role play

Drama lessons and confidence building sessions are also available.

Speech therapy - Huddersfield, Yorkshire - One Stage Ahead - Woman

Don't let a speech impediment or lack of confidence hold you back, call today on
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